Capsule Animation Studio | The Surge – Surgery
Capsule is a 3D animation studio that tell stories inside digital worlds. We craft unique and creative films whether it be game trailer, cinematic, commercial, or virtual-reality experience.
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The Surge – Surgery

Director Capsule Client Focus Home Interactive Dev Deck13


Welcome in the world of The Surge, Deck13’s latest hardcore Action-RPG game. The universe of the game is set in a near-future dystopian world where a Megacorporation named CREO works to reverse the devastating effects of climate change. Capsule Studio collaborated with Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 to create the various CGI contents for the launch of this new exciting franchise. In the end, our team directed and produced one marketing launch trailer and four game cinematics, including this one. The Surgery Cinematic tells a key moment of the game. The main character must undergo a surgical operation to make him fit for work… But nothing will happen as planned.

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The Surge – Surgery


Focus Home Interactive
Deck 13
Film Directors
Raoul Barbet & Stephane Montel

Head of CGI
Mhamed Elmezoued

Previsualization Team
Androids Associes

Ivan Gomez-Montero

Digital Artists Team
Benoit Bargeton
Fanny Brotot
Alexandre Ferra
Clovis Gay
Mehdi Hadi
Alexandre Henri
Louis Marsaud
Julien Nicolas
Damien Peinoit
Stephen Plongeon