Capsule Animation Studio | Farming Simulator – Teaser
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Farming Simulator – Teaser

Director Capsule Client Focus Home Interactive Dev Giants Software


Developed by Giants Software and published by Focus Home Interactive, Farming Simulator is the #1 farming simulation game on the market. The team of Capsule Studio is honored to have directed and produced this reveal trailer announcing the next major update of the franchise!

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Farming Simulator – Teaser


Focus Home Interactive
Giants Software
Film Directors
Stephane Montel

Head of CGI
Mhamed Elmezoued

Previsualization Team
Androids Associes

Ivan Gomez-Montero

Digital Artists Team
Cloe Adenot
Florent Auguy
Cyrill Calbac
Juliette Coutellier
Aurelien Fournier
Mehdi Hadi
Louis Marsaud
Alfred Mathieu
Antoine Roumagne
Camille Roux
Fawzi Zidane