Capsule Animation Studio | Farming Simulator 22 – Trailer
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Farming Simulator 22 – Trailer

Director Capsule Client Giants Software


After the sucess of the 2019 edition, Giants came back to partner with Capsule on the upcoming edition of Farming Simulator! As new generations of farmers grow into the footsteps of their parents, let’s meet Jacob & Sofia who share the same passion and work the field together. Don’t miss our behind the scenes video about the trailer, available in the Works page of the website!

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Farming Simulator – Teaser


Giants Software

Film Directors
Stephane Montel & Raoul Barbet

Head of CGI
Mhamed Elmezoued

Supervisor Environment/Lighting/FX
Tony Dugard

Production Manager
Pierre Tournebize

Previsualization Team
Androids Associes

Ivan Gomez-Montero

Production Music & Sound
Music Imaginary

Digital Artists Team

Arnaud Belligoi
Jerome Catayee
Kevin Decatoire
Marcel Haladej
Lionel Lorne
Simon Magnat
Florian Malchow
Alfred Mathieu
Alexis Pace
Melanie Petit
Aude Portales
Alice Ruquier
Samy Seffadj
Francois Troadec
Guillaume Zaouche
Farid Zidane