Capsule Animation Studio | The Surge 2 – Accolade Trailer
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The Surge 2 – Accolade Trailer

Director Capsule Client Focus Home Interactive Dev Deck13


The Surge 2 continue Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive’s excellent Action-RPG series. Inside the high walls of Jericho city, You will need to fight for your survival. In addition to the E3 Trailer 2019 and several game cinematics Capsule Studio also produced this trailer with a strong motion design look & feel.Used by our clients to highlight the reviews from the press, you may enjoy the titles free version above and the final one at this link.

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The Surge – E3 Trailer


Focus Home Interactive
Deck 13
Film Director
Stephane Montel

Head of CGI
Mhamed Elmezoued

Ivan Gomez-Montero

Production Manager
Pierre Tournebize

Digital Artists Team
Florent Auguy
Cyrill Calbac
Alexandre Ferra
Mehdi Hadi
Vincent Le Ster
Alfred Mathieu
Julien Nicolas
Alice Ruquier